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    • Legacy


      Article I wrote for the 80 year anniversary of the Toronto IBM Ring 17. It was published in the December, 2022 edition of “The Linking Ring”. The names of Ring 17 members are in italics. Many, many years ago, Toronto had the reputation of being one of the capitals of magic in North America. All…

    • My French Connection

      My French Connection

      It all started when I attended a magic convention in 1971 in Brussels, Belgium, where I lived at the time. The highlight for me was the wonderfully unique and innovative magic of the Dutch magician Flip. We met at two conventions, and a year later, I visited him in Holland. I spent a wonderful evening…

    • Wow!

      I was once on Bruce Cervon’s list of friends!

    • New book: Rencontres

      “Rencontres”, the new French language book by Carlos Vaquera, is now available. “Rencontres” features interviews with important names in magic: Jean-Pierre Vallarino, Tommy Wonder, Johnny Thompson and others. Print edition: https://isawthat.com/fr/shop/rencontres-cartonne/ Digital edition: https://isawthat.com/fr/shop/rencontres-numerique/

    • Thoughts by W. H. Auden

      A couple of thoughts from the book “The Dyer’s Hand”, by American poet W. H. Auden, that apply to us as much as they do to poets and writers. About work in progress: To keep his errors down to a minimum, the internal Censor to whom a poet submits his work in progress should be…

    • One-hand overhand shuffle

      One-Hand Overhand Shuffle tutorial

    • Rabbits Out of Hats

      MagicRead: An incompetent witch owns a magic shop

    • Actors and the Art of Performance

      MagicRead: A theatre actor and university professor analyzes acting

    • Win the Crowd

      MagicRead: Steve Cohen teaches how to charm and win over a room

    • The Witch of Lime Street

      MagicRead: the rivalry between Harry Houdini and the Witch of Lime Street