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    Ebooks are provided in the popular EPUB format, which can be read directly, or with a simple conversion, by virtually all ebook readers (Kindle, Kobo, Nook) and reader software (iBooks, Kindle app, etc.).

    Here are minimal instructions to get you up and running if you’re new to reading ebooks. If you have any questions, please write to me via the Contact page and I’ll do my best to help.

    To read on Mac or PC

    1. Install reader software. For Mac, I recommend Apple iBooks, available from the Mac App Store. For PC, Adobe Digital Editions is the standard, but many better readers exist. Search Google for “epub reader windows”.
    2. Download the ebook. From the checkout page on the site or the confirmation email, click the download link. The file will download to your computer.
    3. Locate the file and double-click on it, or right-click and select ‘Open’ or equivalent. The file will open in the ebook reader.

    To read on iOS or Android device

    1. Install reader software. For iOS, I recommend iBooks, from the App store. For Android, Adobe Digital Editions and other readers can be found on Google Play.
    2. Download the ebook. For this you have to access the checkout page or the confirmation email on your device; if necessary, forward the confirmation email from your computer to your device. In either case, tap the download link.
    3. You’ll be asked which app should be used to open the file. Select the reader app and the ebook will open in it.

    To read in Kindle app or device

    • From Mac or PC: download the Kindle previewer. Open the EPUB file in the previewer; this will display the EPUB file and convert it to Kindle format. Select File -> Export to save the file. Now you can open it in the Kindle app or load it into the device as described in Send to Kindle.
    • From iOS or Android device: search the App Store or Google Play for ‘Kindle converter’. Download the app and follow its instructions.

    To read on other devices (Nook, Kobo…)

    No conversion is necessary, but each device has its own way of loading third-party books onto the device. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for loading (or ‘sideloading’) EPUBs.