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    I was once on Bruce Cervon’s list of friends! I just discovered an email I got in February 2000 and completely forgot about it.

    I had met Walter Cummings at a SCM convention here in Toronto in the 70s. Hilarious and incredible sleight-of-hand. A great loss.


    FROM: Bruce Cervon

    CC: Randy Wakeman, Bruce Barnett, Ron Bauer, Pete Biro, Alan Brown, Paul Cummins, Matthew Field, Bruce Florek, Ariel Frailich, Tom Gagnon, Lou Gallo, Dan Garrett, Wesley James, Kevin King, Bob Kohler, Simon Lovell, Martin Nash, Jon Racherbaumer, Howard Schwarzman, Joe Stevens, Jamy Ian Swiss, and a few others I can’t identify.

    Don’t know if you knew this but Walter “Moves” Cummings was a fixture at
    the Magic Castle in the very early days. Jay Ose dubbed him “Moves”. Was
    a teacher at Chavez once I believe. I always wondered if I’d run in to
    him again. I guess not, a shame. Another great character in magic
    history is gone.

    “Work is for people who don’t know how to do magic”






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