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  • When magic makes a difference

    Update: The original video mentioned below is no longer available. Here are a few others: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=devonte+magic.

    I’ve always believed that magic can be much more than just tricks presented in a “look what I can do” manner. Recently, I saw a video clip of Devonte, a young man who not only embodies this belief but goes several steps further and actually makes magic important. I’m in awe.

    Devonte’s magic is so important that it caught the attention of some pretty important people. Here’s the story. About a year ago, Google launched Google Ideas, a think tank that aims to apply technological solutions to problems in developing nations. Last month, they held their Summit Against Violent Extremism, which brought together, in addition to victims and academics, former gang members, right-wing extremists, jihadists and others who have all rejected violence and are now working to fight it. Devonte is one of these ‘formers’. After a violent incident on the streets of New York, he chose to return to his first love, magic. He has since become a rising star in the magic community as well as in the world of entertainment at large.

    In addition to his inspirational work, Devonte is also a member of Magicians Without Borders, through which he performs for at-risk children in some of the poorest and most dangerous areas in the world, putting a smile on their faces and giving them a vision for a brighter future. Watch Devonte’s presentation at the Google summit, in which he tells his story through dance, poetry and magic. You’ll be in awe, too.






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