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  • Transcending the circus

    Talk about coincidence — and perfect timing! About a week ago, Full Circle Magic published the transcript of my Q&A. In it, I claim that only performers who highlight their persona are memorable. This is in contrast to performers who only highlight their skill. I compare the latter to circus acts: although their act may be remembered, their identity will soon be forgotten.

    This point was driven home last week in the form of an act on America’s Got Talent. In the first round of public voting, one of the four acts that was voted through was that of the KriStef Brothers. They’re acrobats, a typical circus act. But the KriStef Brothers are anything but typical. See for yourself:

    These two guys are hilarious, entertaining, personable — in other words, memorable. By highlighting who they are, by making their personas known, by having stories to tell, they transcended the anonymity of the typical circus act. And this, I’m convinced, is why they’re popular.






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