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    Horror and suspense author Sara Brooke, in a guest post on the Free Book Dude blog, wrote about a wonderfully unsettling concept she calls The Dark Space Between. It’s a concept we can put to use, in some form or other, for Halloween, Bizarre, or even just straight magic presentations. Go read it now, then come back here and let’s do something with it: The Dark Space Between.

    How about we get the creative juices flowing and come up with a few trick ideas in time for Halloween? Here’s a starting point.

    You bring out a packet of cards, blank on both sides. A spectator writes something on one side of a card; the other side is unmistakably blank. With a wave of the hand, the card disappears! It has gone to… where? A few moments later, with another wave of the hand, the card reappears. One side still shows the spectator’s writing, but the other side now shows — what? A mark? A drawing? Some text?

    Here’s a similar idea. You borrow something from a spectator, make it disappear, then reappear, but now it’s altered in some way.

    How should these tricks end? What other tricks can be done with this premise? How about different presentations? Share your ideas in a comment!






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    1. Edward Mann Avatar

      The dark space between, the place thats full of unpaired socks , reading glasses and missing jigsaw pieces.

      For a trick using this concept you could do a card to sock (a loose sock in your pocket not one you are wearing) or any small object for that matter and talk about the dark space between branes.

      In a book once by Dean Koontz where a PI did a few coin tricks using sleight of hand but he also did a trick where he tossed a coin up and into a different brane

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