• Tag: Mentalism

    • Pencil OOBE

      A fun addition to a mentalism or mental magic experiment.

    • Mixing magic and mentalism

      Although it’s well known that magic and mentalism should not be presented in the same act, there is little evidence to suggest that mixing the two creates problems.

    • Mentalism in “Reading Writing”

      A look behind the scenes at the Mentalism section in my new book, “Reading Writing”. The psychological approach to presenting mentalism and how handwriting analysis fits into it.

    • The Book-Test Test

      I devised a book test for my upcoming book. It’s a very good effect, but something about it made me wonder: can I legitimately call it a book test? Trying to solve my dilemma, I went back to the basics and asked myself: what defines a book test? That’s when the trouble began in earnest.