Sub Rosa — ebook

by Ariel Frailich

60+ magic & mentalism effects for stage & close-up, based on a simple technique

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Published by I Saw That!

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Note: Sub Rosa is also available in a print edition.

Sub Rosa is a wonderfully deceptive and versatile technique that you can learn in seconds and master in minutes.

It’s simple and direct, and doesn’t involve any sleight-of-hand or difficult, hidden moves. It’s suitable for stage, parlour, and close-up, and is equally at home in magic and in mentalism.

Sub Rosa has dozens of applications. You can use it for effects as diverse as:

  • Card or Bill in Cigarette
  • Linking Finger Rings
  • colour separations
  • predictions and divinations of all kinds
  • Torn and Restored effects
  • Coin in Bottle
  • Paper to Bills effects
  • Colour-Changing Knives
  • paddle routines
  • Brema Nut and similar

and countless others. You can even use it for a Bullet Catch! — but please don’t.

In Sub Rosa, you will find over sixty effects of all kinds:

  • predictions and divinations
  • coincidence effects
  • card matching and a date revelation
  • transpositions and transformations
  • a headline prediction
  • key bending
  • a card revelation
  • spirit writing and spirit photography
  • design duplication
  • book tests
  • Seven Keys and a Watch Box
  • a Linking Pins finale

and much more.

Many effects have fully scripted presentations. There are humorous routines, straight pieces, and even a couple of Bizarre effects. Themes include:

  • an experiment in an ESP lab
  • learning card tricks
  • switching roles
  • dead celebrities and a dead clown
  • the magic community’s very own postal system
  • winning at Bingo
  • spectator wins his own watch back
  • bad luck at cards
  • a murderer and a would-be student of divination
  • good luck charms and amulets, and feng shui
  • tattoos and voodoo
  • a night on the town, what’s for dinner, holiday plans and souvenirs, school for spies, and a murder mystery
  • shopping for gifts and for groceries

and more.

Last but not least, with the Sub Rosa technique, you can often use inexpensive, ordinary items instead of specialized apparatus to accomplish similar effects.

Add Sub Rosa to your arsenal and open up a new world of strong yet easy magic. Get Sub Rosa today.


Jim Short, seasoned worker“I have arthritis and essential tremor, but I still want to perform strong magic. I’m always on the lookout for things that don’t require me to deal out 21 cards into 3 piles multiple times, and things that look like, well, magic.

I recently ran across Sub Rosa by Ariel Frailich. It ticks all the boxes for me. I can handle the technical aspects easily despite my issues, and the technique will fool even the most eagle-eyed spectator. The misdirection is almost built in.

Ariel doesn’t just give you the concept, though. He gives you some great routines to get started. However, even though these routines are worth doing, I would recommend using them as a jumping-off point to develop your own material. Sub Rosa is so versatile that you’ll be coming up with card, coin, mental, and children’s magic (and more!) of your own in no time.”

Paul Pacific, professional mentalist: “With Sub Rosa Ariel has taken an organic and versatile utility move and applied it to many original effects. The presentations are very well thought out and can be used exactly as written. There is something for every student of magic in this book. Bravo!”

Jim Byrnes, seasoned worker: “Great, easy-to-use utility move. Worthwhile investment, especially if you’re looking to do less gymnastic sleights to accomplish truly professional magic. It’s a secret because if everyone knew great magic could be done this easily we would be out of business. Well done.”