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  • “Reading Writing” is now shipping

    I’m pleased to announce that my new book, “Reading Writing“, is now available for shipping worldwide.

    In addition, thanks to a little magic — and having the book printed in the USA as well as in Europe — shipping overseas costs almost as little as shipping locally. Now my international customers can purchase “Reading Writing” for almost the same price as customers in the USA.

    The only disadvantage is that I cannot provide signed copies — at least, not inexpensively. The book would have to be shipped to me so that I can sign it, then I’d have to ship it to the customer via the Canadian postal system, which is horrendously expensive — it would add $15 to $20 to the price of the book. Canada Post’s shipping rates is precisely why I decided to have the book printed abroad in the first place.

    If you’re in or near Toronto and would like a signed copy, come to the Browser’s Den of Magic on May 5th, 2013, for the book launch — and a special price! If you’re planning on getting the book, I urge you to reserve your copy now so that Jeff knows how many to order. Call him at 416-783-7022.

    The base price of “Reading Writing” is USD 55.00. The prices on this site are a little higher because they include shipping.






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