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  • Theory & presentation


    Magic and Showmanship Henning Nelms (Dover)

    This book has become a modern classic on the art of presentation. Highly recommended.


    Magic and Meaning Eugene Burger & Robert E. Neale (Hermetic Press)

    A series of essays on how to make magic relevant to modern audiences. I consider this one of most important books ever written; even if you disagree with their opinion, it’ll make you think–a lot! Highly recommended.

    Strong Magic Darwin Ortiz (Kaufman & Greenberg)

    An excellent, scholarly analysis of what makes good close-up magic, by an acknowledged master.

    Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales Punx (Exclusive Magical Publications) Athough Punx is best remembered as a mentalist, he performed close-up and stand-up magic as well. In this book, he explains how to make magic more compelling by giving it a theatrical flavor. I consider this one of the most important books in all of magic and undertook to republish it (as Once Upon a Time…, now out of print).

    The Five Points in Magic Juan Tamariz (Editorial Frakson)

    A course in misdirection and presentation by one of the top magicians of our time.

    The Magic Way Juan Tamariz (Editorial Frakson)

    A treatise on creating magic that cannot be explained or reconstructed.