Working the Tables

Commercial close-up from a working pro

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David Drake earned his living performing close-up magic for over 25 years. In this book, he has released 20 of his most commercial and entertaining routines — off-beat, original and innovative tricks.

The tricks are all within the abilities of the average close-up magician, and the clear instructions — David was a professional writer — and illustrations make them easy to learn. Here you will find gems such as:

  • The Pill Trick: Eight pills instantly vanish from the performer’s hands
  • The Steel Balls: 3 small ball bearings to 2 medium ones to one big one
  • Pengali: a blue Bic pen becomes red–cap, plug and ink
  • Frog Cut: secretly reverse cards while cutting the deck
  • Dreamwave Deck: “Brainwave” plus card to wallet
  • Cross-Pollination: clever, off-beat, multiple divination
  • The Singing Card Trick and I Can’t Spell: two highly entertaining tricks that prove you can neither sing nor spell, but can find selected cards anyway!
  • Spellbound Surprise: a totally off-beat ending to a classic
  • Penny Ring: a big coin shrinks to pass through a ring and instantly snaps back to its original size
  • Three-Sided Coin: exactly that; a coin is shown to have 3 sides
  • Key/Ball Balance: a skeleton key refuses to obey the laws of gravity
  • Loupe Da Loop: lovely linking finger ring routine
  • Four Ring Assembly: “Matrix” with small rings and a smash ending

and a few more, with cards, coins, keys, balls, nuts and bolts, string, etc.

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