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  • Roll-Over-Kill

    A Better final display

    by Ariel Frailich

    At the end of the trick, I used to display the low cards by simply making two spreads in an arc, on either side of the central display, and that’s how I wrote it up in the manuscript. I now use a better display, as follows.

    After showing the Royal Flushes, cut off the top half of each of the stripped-out portions (2 to 10), turn them both face-up, then lay then down next to their respective Royal Flush, one to the right and one to the left, then spread outwards, in a straight line. Alternatively, do a one-handed fan with each packet and put it down next to the matching Royal Flush. Do the same with the remaining packets. This layout emphasizes the separation by suit, which isn’t as obvious in the original handling.