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    • In Superman!, in the notes on p. 20, “Toss-timated” is erroneously attributed to Ed Marlo. It’s actually by Bob Walker.
    • In The Cannibals and the Witch Doctor, the notes on p. 50 read: “This trick is an extension of Roy Walton’s excellent Cannibal Cards, from his book The Devil’s Playthings.” It should read: “… of Roy Walton’s excellent version of Cannibal Cards”…. The original Cannibal Cards was invented by Lyn Searles.
    • I came up with the idea of using the “Carlyle Turnover” move as a fake turnover and used the idea in the trick “Royal Burial” (p. 9). The trick inspired Joseph Dymit to use the principle for an addition to “Twisting the Aces”, which he contributed to this site as Twisting Climax.
    • It turns out that Wesley James preceded us both, having come up with both the same principle and its application to “Twisting the Aces” several years earlier. Wesley was kind enough to let me republish his notes on the topic, Fake Reverse Reverse Redux.