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Spin the Bottle

by Ariel Frailich

Easy Card to Bottle

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A selected card disappears from the deck and reappears inside a bottle that has been on the table throughout. No palming, no rough-and-smooth, no adhesives, etc.

Performing information

Skill level
• Beginner
Size of audience
• Small to large
• Best for informal
• Surrounded OK
• Requires table or floor
Clothing requirements
• None
Reset time
• While cleaning up

Full description

A card is selected and replaced. The spectator shuffles the deck and cuts it into several piles. A bottle is shown and the spectator spins it, eliminating cards until there’s only one left. Since all the cards were clearly shown, the remaining card must be the selected one. But it’s not. Instead, the selected card is found inside the bottle. The bottle is then handed out.

Spin the Bottle comes with a custom-made gaff and what may well be the best magic instructions on the market. The booklet contains:

  • step-by-step, illustrated instructions
  • how to set up and introduce the trick
  • notes on working conditions
  • resetting for the next performance
  • performance tips and ideas
  • 3 fully scripted presentations:
    • a humorous presentation
    • a mentalism presentation
    • a Bizarre story presentation
  • additional trick and presentation ideas, including two versions without a bottle
  • and a brief history of the effect.

Includes 16-page printed booklet and custom-made gaff. Use your own Poker-size Bicycle deck and bottle.


Robert K. Miller, The Linking Ring, March 1999: “The instructions are outstanding… Highest recommendation…”

Mike Close, Magic, Dec. 1998: “Ariel provides excellent instructions, and offers several handling and presentational variations. The trick requires little technical ability and produces a strong effect.”