Reading Writing — hardcover

by Ariel Frailich

Readings, mentalism and magic

Hardcover, 6″ x 9″ (15 x 23 cm), 196 pages
Published by I Saw That!

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Note: Reading Writing is also available in a digital edition.

There is nothing more powerful than a personalized reading.

If you do readings for friends and colleagues, you’ll become more popular and meet new people. If you do a reading in your mentalism or magic act, you’ll enjoy greater rapport with your audience. People will line up to get a reading or even to hire you for their next event. And if you do readings professionally, you can have a fun and lucrative second career. Imagine getting paid to spend an evening essentially chatting with people and handing out your business card!

Of the many reading systems available, handwriting analysis stands out for its versatility. Because it is based on psychology, it is more believable and acceptable than divination systems. In fact, it opens doors that remain closed to psychics and other kinds of readers.

Handwriting analysis also has the advantage of being usable as a presentational device for the modern, psychological style of mentalism, as performed by Derren Brown, Banachek, and Marc Salem, among others. As Lee Earle put it: “[Handwriting analysis] will be the hot premise for a lot of future Mentalism because it bridges the gap between the believable and the impossible.”

In Reading Writing, you will find:

  • a complete course in handwriting analysis for readings that you can master in a week;
  • how to do readings and why they work;
  • markets and opportunities for making money with handwriting analysis;
  • a dozen mentalism effects with fun, psychological presentations that include, or revolve around, handwriting analysis: determining favourites, lie detection, a prediction, a book test, matching writing to writer, even a murder mystery, and more;
  • half a dozen magic tricks in which handwriting is a central part of the effect, including a novel ambitious card routine (contributed by Suzanne), a magical psychological test, and even a trick in which the spectator and the magician exchange identities!

and more.

Whether you want to make more money, add something different and interesting to your magic or mentalism act, or simply expand your social circle, Reading Writing is a book not to be missed.


Mark Leveridge, full-time professional performer, author, lecturer, inventor and magic dealer, writes an excellent review in Magicseen Magazine, Issue #51: “… Ariel is a good writer and explains everything in a very readable and understandable style … in this work he clearly and intelligently lays out everything that you need to know to add [Graphology] to your own skill set … The routines show clearly how readings can be incorporated into standard magic and mentalism routines and how it can enhance them and add a further dimension to the entertainment … It’s amazing at just how many different kind of events [Graphology] can be used, and shows you why some of the busiest top performers use it in their acts.”

Bill Abbott, creator and producer of fine magic and world-class professional performer: “Having studied numerous books on graphology, with many attempts at connecting it with my magical presentations, Ariel Frailich’s Reading Writing is the final answer in marrying this fascinating art and science with the presentation of magic and mentalism. A wonderful, accessible and inspiring book!”

Richard Webster, acknowledged master of psychic entertainment, author of the classic book on cold reading (and dozens more), and world-famous bestselling author on all things psychic for the mainstream public: “I thought [Reading Writing] would be yet another ho-hum book on the subject, but once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. I loved your book! I have more than two dozen books on the subject, and yours is by far the most useful and practical for a psychic entertainer. Congratulations on writing such a wonderful book!”

Ian KeableMagicWeek, April 2013: “… it is highly recommended for anybody wanting to use graphology, either as a stand-alone skill, or as an adjunct to their mind reading repertoire.”

Haim Goldenberg, world-renowned mentalist and star of television show GoldMind: “Reading Writing is, without a doubt, one of the best books about Graphology for entertainers. I learned so much from it! Very practical material. Get this book!!! You will get so much more out of this than from a new trick or prop. Highly recommended!”

Michael Weber, legendary magician, mentalist and author: “A good mentalist can look at a billet and tell you what the spectator has written inside the folded slip of paper.  A smart mentalist (one who has read Ariel’s book) can look at the writing on that paper and tell you what is written inside the mind and the heart of the spectator. A thorough graphology primer for the mystery entertainer.”

Mark Lewis, author of The Lives of a Showman: “Well written and useful. I wish I had read it when I first started in [the readings] business.”

Jim Byrnes, a ‘worker’ from Toronto: “Fantastic book, well worth the investment for any entertainer who stands in front of an audience, not just a mirror. If you work with people for money, this volume will repay you many times the meagre investment. If you are reading this — buy the book!”

Richard Osterlind, world-famous author, creator, teacher and performer of mentalism: “Over the years I have performed Graphology at corporate events and trade shows. Consequently I have read many books and know a lot about the subject. Ariel Frailich’s new book Reading Writing is outstanding! Even if you are a total novice to the subject, Ariel’s easy writing style and clear instructions will make you a master in no time. He covers every aspect of analyzing handwriting and the significance of different writing styles. He then shows you how to apply this knowledge to a ‘reading’ for your sitter in intriguing and entertaining ways.

“But Ariel doesn’t stop there. He next gives a number of mentalism routines that are practical and professional applications for using your new found knowledge. These are time-tested ideas augmented by graphology. And if that isn’t enough, he even shows a few applications of magical effects with these same themes. There is material for you here no matter what style of magic or mentalism you do.

“I have always been drawn to this subject as it is one of the most authentic ways of telling people all about themselves. You can achieve all the benefits of doing psychic readings without having to refer to yourself as a psychic. The material is, in fact, scientific and actually used in law enforcement and other fields.

“Handwriting analysis is a subject you should master. If you wish to round out your studies and have a whole new world of instant entertainment available to you, at any time and place, you need Reading Writing. Once you buy it, read it and apply the material, you will thank me!”

Rolando SantosThe Linking Ring, December 2013: “My first reaction was, ‘What do I need this for? I know how to do mentalism and magic tricks.’ Less than a chapter into the book, I began to see how handwriting analysis could open up new avenues for magic and mentalism. … This book will give you an additional skill set that is surprisingly strong, versatile, and deceptive, and you can master it in about a week and half. … [M]akes a lot of traditional [mentalism] effects almost self-working. … I ended up using a Tarot deck for several of Ariel’s [magic trick] suggestions and had really good results.

The ability to do readings … increases your opportunities to earn money and gives you an additional way to sell yourself for corporate events that prefer not to have magic themed entertainment. … [A]lso a very good resource and learning tool for the so-called ‘psycho-babble’ style of mentalism that is currently in vogue.”

Highly recommended.

Will HoustounGenii, August 2013: “Reading Writing is a nicely produced book that features clear instruction and a well thought-out teaching process including examples … and exercises with which to practice. … This is a very clearly explained system that efficiently gives you everything you need to start giving readings quickly.”

Francis MenottiMAGIC, October 2013: “Looking for a cure for the common cold reader? This book on graphology for the magical entertainer might be just the thing. … [Q]uickly and clearly breaks down the basics of handwriting analysis into simple sets of general rules and patterns. … [A] very thorough crash course…”

Wayne KawamotoMagic.About.Com: “I was impressed with this book and the topic is one that has long intrigued me. … What’s great about this book is that it offers a gateway into the possibilities of combining handwriting analysis with mentalism and magic. … I have studied books on the topic and I wish that Ariel Frailich’s ‘Reading Writing’ had been around earlier. This is the book that I would have wanted as a start. I recommend this one and I’ll sign to it.”

Flavio Desideri, owner of La Porta Magica, magic dealer, Rome, Italy: “An extremely interesting and intelligent work. Excellent.”