The Lives of a Showman


de Mark Lewis

Mémoires merveilleux de la vie d'artiste

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Éditeur: Mark Lewis Entertainment

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Si vous croyez que les biographies et mémoires sont ennuyeux et guindés, ce livre vous fera changer d’avis. Vous n’y trouverez pas de tours, mais un compte-rendu — parfois émouvant, souvent drôle, et toujours merveilleux — de la vie d’un artiste.

Mark Lewis est un magicien de close-up, cabaret, et spectacles pour enfants, camelot, voyant extra-lucide, hypnotiseur, et maintenant, auteur. Dans ces mémoires captivants, vous trouverez M. Lewis débuter dans des boîtes de nuit huppées à Londres, vendre des jeux Radio à Blackpool, être le voyant le plus connu à Dublin, devenir hypnotiseur à Toronto, faire de la magie pour des ivrognes et des nobles, et bien plus. Au long du chemin, vous rencontrerez des personnages pittoresques et souvent remarquables, et surtout, l’auteur lui-même:

“Mark Lewis est réellement l’un des personnages les plus intéressants du monde du spectacle. Il a un sens de l’humour génial, et est souvent incompris par ses pairs. L’ayant connu une grande partie de sa vie, je le considère un homme de talent immense, autant en tant que magicien que camelot. Il est extrêmement débrouillard, et est une encyclopédie ambulante de la magie ainsi que d’autres arts scéniques. Sa vie est réellement imbue de mystère et d’intrigue, et il est un raconteur merveilleux, comme on peut voir dans les pages de ce chef-d’oeuvre. Je considère Mark un véritable artiste, et son personnage a, en effet, de multiples facettes. Je sais que ‘The Lives of a Showman’ vous ravira.”

—Roger Blakiston, alias Jolly Roger

The Lives of a Showman est une histoire merveilleuse racontée par un auteur merveilleusement divertissant. Un livre incontournable pour tous ceux qui sont intéressés par la vie d’artiste.


"I am an avid reader and this is one of my favorite books I have ever read. Please note that I did not restrict my comment to 'magic books.' There is a rawness and honesty to Mark's book that I have very rarely seen. I frequently found myself reading a chapter, chuckling away to myself and then without warning I would realize I was reading something quite dark and powerful. I have never read a description of live performance that comes close to the vividness of Mark's prose.

"I honestly feel that this book is a masterpiece. Just like the author, it is flawed, fascinating, hilarious, infuriating and just when you think you know where it is heading, it takes an incredible turn into the deepest levels of human experience. You realize that a man who has spent his life deceiving people has just been more brutally honest than you could ever imagine.

"I obviously feel the book is fantastic."

James Munton, professional magician, author of The Con,
past president, IBM, SAM


"Once I started reading it, I couldn't put The Lives of a Showman down. Mark Lewis has had a fascinating life, and tells it well. I laughed out loud at some of the stories, and almost cried at others. I've been fortunate enough to spend a bit of time with Mark, and had heard some of the stories before. Reading them brought those memories back, and I could hear Mark's voice as I read. This book contained a number of surprises, too. I didn't expect to read an extremely unusual and sad love story, for instance. It must have been hard for Mark to write about this, and it shows how kind and compassionate he is. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Richard Webster, psychic entertainer and best-selling author


"Mark Lewis' book Lives of a Showman is very good. Lewis is a real character and his stories are wonderful. Highly recommended.

"I  really enjoyed the book. It's full of great stories from Mr. Lewis' unique perspective. I was entertained throughout and learned a great deal about the author and his work.

"The book is worth buying. I wasn't disappointed."

R. Paul Wilson, magician and author


"I have been reading two books recently: Steinmeyer's new opus on Thurston and the autobiographical Lives of a Showman. I was struck by the similarities between the two. I suspect that I could switch books chapter by chapter and be remarkably impressed by the similarities of the two protagonists in background, performance approach and ego. Both performers hold similar philosophies regarding their audiences and both maintain a certain antagonistic relationship with their audiences (both professional and accidental). In some ways, Lives of a Showman reveals more about its subject (not surprising as it is a first-person narrative), but both are eminently readable. It is quite enjoyable to discover that the acerbic persona both have created often belies a thoughtful and generous (if hidden) nature. While I finished the Steinmeyer book quite quickly, I am still making progress on Showman -- not because it is a difficult read, but rather because each paragraph encourages a panoply of self-reflection. I am enjoying the journey, and, while I look forward to finishing the book, I am, at the same time, quite reluctant as I suspect it will leave more questions than it answers."

Andrew Pinard, professional magician