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Eddy Taytelbaum is a legendary figure in European magic circles. Although he's an expert with playing cards, he's best known for his beautiful, hand-made micro-magic props. These pieces are a collector's dream and highly prized the world over.

Because all these props are made by hand, they've always been expensive and fairly hard to come by. Now that Eddy is retired, this is even more true. Still, props turn up for sale, once in a while, as collectors part with them for whatever reason. The North American expert on all matters Taytelbaumian is Kenna Thompson, who's in the process of putting together a book on Eddy. You can visit his site at KT Magic.

Most of Eddy's props are made of plastic, yet they look and feel expensive. That's because Eddy put a lot of himself into every piece he made. With his enormous talent and fine craftsmanship, he turned out true works of art.

I met Eddy around 1972, when I was living in Brussels. Like all magicians who see his work, I immediately fell in love with these beautiful props, even though I'm not a collector. Whenever I had some cash to spare (who needs lunch, anyway?), I took the train to Amsterdam and bought whatever I could afford to buy that day.

By the time I moved back to Canada in 1974, I had amassed a nice little collection of Taytelbaum props. To my great surprise, most magicians in North America had never heard of Eddy! That has changed a little, with many collectors having travelled to Europe, and his visit to North America a few years ago. Perhaps this modest site will help, too.

It is a great honour for me to present this photo-gallery of some Taytelbaum props from my collection. Enjoy!

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