Whenever I find an ebook that may be of interest to my readers, I post and tweet about it. Topics vary; they can range from a book on finger exercises to an introduction to the Tarot. Most of the books I find are for Amazon Kindle.

How to read Kindle ebooks on any device (click ‘+’ to expand) [weaver_showhide start=’hide’]

You don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle ebooks; you can download free software for just about any device, from smartphone to desktop computer. You can even read directly in your browser. More info here:
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How to find ebooks on Amazon sites not listed (click ‘+’ to expand) [weaver_showhide start=’hide’]

If you’re a customer of an Amazon site not listed in the entry, simply change the country extension of the URL to the one you use (, .nl, etc.). For example, if the original URL is:

then you should find the title on the Amazon Netherlands site at:

Occasionally, an ebook is available on one or several Amazon sites, but not on others. Also, free ebooks aren’t necessarily free across all Amazon sites.


Please check the price before buying! An ebook may be free for a limited time only. Ebooks that are free on Amazon are often free on other sites as well; a search will turn them up. Enjoy!