Product Updates

Here you’ll find updates, corrections, additions and variations for I  Saw That! products. If you have something to contribute, please write!

Card Stories

Corrections In Superman!, in the notes on p. 20, “Toss-timated” is erroneously attributed to Ed Marlo. It’s actually by Bob Walker. In The Cannibals and the Witch Doctor, the notes on p. 50 read: “This trick is an extension of Roy Walton’s … Continue reading

Spin the Bottle

An improved “Mary” by Alain Nu (Alain was kind enough to improve the Mary presentation. Here’s what he wrote:) Hi Ariel, First off, the whole “spin the bottle” effect is a great one, so allow me to applaud you now — … Continue reading


A Better final display by Ariel Frailich At the end of the trick, I used to display the low cards by simply making two spreads in an arc, on either side of the central display, and that’s how I wrote it … Continue reading