“Fortune Telling Using Playing Cards.” An introduction that covers the meaning of suits, individual values, and the three-card spread.

Although there’s no question that a Tarot deck adds enormously to the atmosphere of appropriate effects, there are things that can be done more easily — if at all — with playing cards. For example, in an upcoming book, I present an effect that should, ideally, use a Tarot Svengali deck, but these are very hard or impossible to find, and making one would cost a small fortune, since single Tarot cards aren’t generally available either (38 decks at about $15.00 each comes to $570!).

Knowledge of cartomancy can add a mystical touch to psychic presentations for card effects — plus, it allows you to do readings as well — a winning combination!

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Earth Mysteries: A Beginner’s Guide

“This book covers a wide range of themes related to mysteries – ley lines, energies, feng shui, astro-archaeology, sacred landscapes and prehistoric structures. Connections with shamanism and paganism are explored together with dowsing, folklore, myth and tradition. … Whatever your interest in the earth and her secrets, these pages contain something to fascinate and inspire.”

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