Whenever I find an ebook that may be of interest to my readers, I post and tweet about it. Topics vary; they can range from a book on finger exercises to an introduction to the Tarot. Most of the books I find are for Amazon Kindle.

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Please check the price before buying! An ebook may be free for a limited time only. Ebooks that are free on Amazon are often free on other sites as well; a search will turn them up. Enjoy!

Joining The Two Worlds

“The booklet tries to demystify the subject of Mental Mediumship and psychic ability. This work takes a close look at the connection made between Spirit, Sitter and the medium.”

Sounds interesting for readers as well as mentalists and Bizarrists.

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The Seven Moments In Storytelling That Really Matter

“Stories are told through the Seven Moments. You can’t tell a story without them. It’s impossible. This book explains what the Seven Moments are and how to use them within your writing. If you want to learn how to captivate your reader from the first page of your story to its very last, read this book.”

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