Performing Magic for Children


par Uwe Schenk & Michael Sondermeyer

Le guide incontournable

Reliure cartonnée, 15 x 23 cm, 178 pages, troisième tirage
Éditeur: I Saw That!

USA:$ 50.50
Canada:C$ 39.50
UK:£ 30.95
EU:€ 37.75
All other countries:C$ 56.50

Il y a beaucoup de livres qui expliquent des tours que vous pouvez présenter pour les enfants. Mais voici un livre qui explique tout ce que les autres n’expliquent pas: comment présenter des tours aux enfants.

Dans Performing Magic for Children, Michael Sondermeyer et Uwe Schenk, tous deux magiciens professionnels, mais aussi spécialistes en matière d’éducation, expliquent chaque aspect de cette branche difficile de la magie, comme par exemple:

  • ce qu’un spectacle de magie peut apporter aux enfants
  • le rôle du magicien
  • comment mettre au point un bon personnage
  • comment choisir des tours appropriés aux enfants
  • comment adapter n’importe quel tour courant pour les enfants
  • le pour et le contre de l’usage d’animaux vivants dans un numéro
  • comment mettre au point un numéro qui aura du succès
  • rythme, impatience et capacité d’attention
  • comment choisir un enfant pour assister
  • comment gérer enfants, adolescents & adultes
  • que faire lorsqu’un enfant pleure
  • comment éviter que les enfants se ruent sur la scène à la fin du spectacle

et bien plus. Le livre décrit également deux numéros complets dans lesquels les auteurs expliquent non seulement ce qu’ils font, mais aussi pourquoi ils le font.

Ce livre, considéré par beaucoup de professionnels comme la référence sur le sujet, est incontournable pour tous ceux qui sont intéressés par la magie pour les enfants.


Michael CloseMagic: "It's a marvelous book, and one of the most thorough books on the subject that I have read. The book deals with theoretical concepts, but never gets bogged down in theory. I highly recommend Performing Magic for Children to anyone in the field of children's entertainment. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, you'll find something of interest here. I would also recommend it to those who work strictly for adults. Adults learn something during magic shows as well, and it would behoove all of us to consider what message we are sending when we perform."

Richard Lyn, qui est sans doute le magicien le plus populaire du Canada pour les spectacles d'enfants (et dont les conseils techniques m'ont été d'une grande utilité dans la préparation de ce livre): "In the thirty-odd years I've been entertaining children, I have never read a book as thorough as this one. There is an enormous amount of invaluable information here on how to construct a show; the what-to-do and what-not-to-do are priceless. All the routines are well constructed, with enough humour and funny situations to keep your audience laughing. [...] Between these two covers are years of experience available to you all in one place. I recommend this book highly to any professional, amateur, or beginner. Don't pass it up, or you may live to regret it."

Bryan DeanMagicTalk Reviews: "This book... is a must for any magican entering the field of children's magic. As a professional entertainer who has performed for kids, I must say that the material in this 177-page hardbound book is one of the best books on the subject. You'll learn necessary things like show requirements (sound, outdoor shows, seating, etc.) that took me years to figure out myself. You'll also learn how to design the perfect act for yourself! This alone is worth the small price of this book.... Highly recommended.

Jon A. HandMagiCurrents: "This slim volume may well be the best single book of its subject matter in existence... [M]ore quality information is found gathered in this one book than any other book of its type... [T]his book needs to be read by every magician who performs for children, or who aspires to do so... The Audiences and Accommodations section is densely packed with information that one would take half a professional lifetime to discover on [one's] own... Valuable information on what works, what does not work, and the whys thereof, will help the careful reader avoid the most common pitfalls that await first-time performers for children... This would be a strong addition to any magic library; if one can only afford one book on the subject of children's magic, this would be the one... [My] only complaint is that this book appeared thirty years later than [I] would have preferred. Highly recommended.