A Squeeze of Deception

A Squeeze of Deception - I Saw That! Exclusive Magic

by Ariel Frailich

Ultra-clean date divination with coins

Skill level: No sleight-of-hand required
Audience: Parlour, stage
Reset: 1 minute alone
Produced by I Saw That!

USA:$ 11.50
Canada:C$ 10.50
UK:£ 6.75
EU:€ 7.50
All other countries:C$ 12.50

A member of the audience places three coins in a small change purse that is then handed to a volunteer.

You and the volunteer stand at opposite sides of the room or stage, backs turned to each other. As the volunteer removes a coin, concentrates on the date, and puts the coin back into the purse, you make a note on a notepad. This is repeated for the two remaining coins.

You show the dates written on the notepad, and the volunteer checks; they match!